Dining at Flute Haven

Food is music to the body, music is food to the heart.
— Gregory David Roberts

Catered Buffet

We dine throughout the week on artisan food catered by a local maker of specialty foods and served from the professional kitchen at the retreat center. These on-site meals are combined with two evening meals at local restaurants and two meals at locations where we are performing.

You can see sample CCVF Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner menus. The CCVF can also accommodate special diet requests — just send us the special diet request form along with your registration.

Dining Costs

The cost of all on-site dining is included in your accommodations and dining fee. Separate checks will be provided for all off-site meals — two dinners, one cafe lunch, and food at our show at Chaplin's. These off-site meals are not included in the accommodations and dining fee.

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